Power curves have experienced steep increases as forecasts reveal colder than normal temperatures for the end of January. For the NEMASSBOST zone in ISONE, the 12 Month ATC strip increased $3.96 (9%) to $48.11. The 24 Month ATC strip rose $2.32 (5%) to $47.25, and the Cal 2020 ATC strip gained $0.98 (1.5%) to finish at $46.39/MWh today.

With the Government shutdown into its fourth week, some impacts have translated into the energy market. Beginning with weather – there are some concerns that the American weather model was getting stale inputs, which may have contributed to a decline in model performance earlier this month. While the model’s performance has rebounded amid the colder turn in January, there are still questions as to whether the model is receiving the freshest inputs possible.

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