Let’s Talk Commissions

Now on to one of our partners favorite aspects of our partnership, let’s talk commissions! In this blog we will outline how margin is added, how deal value is calculated, as well as how and when commissions are paid.

Your individual payment schedule is available in your welcome packet for easy reference. And remember, our goal is to make the energy sales process as EASY as possible for you! Please let us know how we can be of assistance.


Deal Value can be paid out Residually or Upfront, simply request your preference from your Account Manager!


Payment is based on actual usage when available, or based on contracted volume divided by 12 months.

You will need to allow for as much as 12o days AFTER customer goes on flow with supplier for payment. Example: If a contract has a start date of February 2021, payment could be received on the May 2021 commission run.


Payment is based on annual volume, so the payment is for the whole year, with payments made once annually.

If the start date falls inside the window, payment will be received on the next commission run. If the start date falls outside the window, payment will be received two months after the start date.

Margin & Deal Value


Margin is added in mils (tenths of a cent) or dollars, depending on unit of measure.

For example: $.003 per kWh, or $3 per MWh


Margin is added in cents or dollars, depending on unit of measure.

For example: $.03 per therm, or $.30 per Dth

Deal Value

Total Deal Value is calculated by multiplying the margin by the customer’s annual usage, the term length of the agreement, and your split with BOX.

For example: 80,000 kWh annual usage * 36-month contract * $.005 margin * 70% split = $840 Deal Value

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