[03/19 Weekly Update] Northeast Prices Have Fallen Back Down From a Run-Up Due to the Recent Blast of Cold

March 19, 2019

Northeast prices have fallen back down from a run up due to the recent blast of cold. Boston’s Algonquin Citygate prices dropped $4.16 (-59.5%) from last week’s high of $6.99/MMBtu to $2.83/MMBtu last Tuesday. Transco Zone 6 NYC prices decreased $0.48 (-15.5%) to $2.62/MMBtu.

Total US consumption of natural gas fell by 19%. Consumption for power generation dropped by 15% week/week, industrial sector consumption dropped by 8%, residential-commercial consumption dropped by 26%, and exports to Mexico decreased by 1%.

See the full report below or view in a separate window:

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