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How Brokers Can Choose the Right Supplier for Their Customers

November 15, 2018 - Finding the right supplier for your customers can be challenging, mainly because there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Finding the right supplier depends mostly on the individual needs of your customer.

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[11/13 Weekly Update] Exceptional Volatility Hits Gas Markets Breaking Resistance That Has Been in Place Since 2015, Electricity Futures on the Rise!

November 13, 2018 - Exceptional volatility has hit the gas market over the last week. The market has continued to test and surpass new levels of resistance, which haven’t occurred since the winter of 2015 on the near term strips. With withdrawal already at low levels …

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How to Overcome Common Objections to Demand Response

November 08, 2018 - In our earlier blog post, we looked more closely at demand response and how it can benefit your customers. But as an energy broker, there is one common hurdle you will have to get past when it comes to demand response. 

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[11/06 Weekly Update] Connecticut Utility Rates Scheduled to Increase as much as 20% Starting January 1, 2019

November 06, 2018 - Connecticut’s United Illuminating (UI) filed new Standard Service rates for the January 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019 price period, with residential Rate R set to increase 24% to $0.112263/kWh and General Service Rate GS to increase 20% to $0.107754/kWh. …

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Supplier Spotlight: Green Mountain Energy

November 01, 2018 - Overview Founded in 1997, Green Mountain Energy is the nation’s longest-serving renewable energy retailer. They’re on a mission to use the power of  consumer choice to change the way power is made. They provide residential and business customers …

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[10/30 Weekly Update] After Several Weeks of Notable Price Movement, Forward Prices for Northeast ISO's Remained Relatively Flat Through Most of the Week

October 30, 2018 - After several weeks of notable price movement, forward prices for northeast ISOs remained relatively flat through most of the week. For NEMASSBOST in ISONE, the 12 Month ATC strip increased by $0.26 (0.5%) to $47.67. The 24 Month ATC strip increased …

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[Sales Tip] 25 Power Questions

October 29, 2018 - If you had an opportunity to listen to the webinar I conducted last week for the BOX brokers on the topic of cultivating the mindset and habit patterns of a true sales master, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have not yet had the opportunity to do so, …

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Broker Spotlight: Scott Heiman, Bright Energy Partners

October 25, 2018 - Broker Online Exchange is publishing a series of interviews featuring its client brokers. This interview is with Scott Heiman of Bright Energy Partners located in Northbrook, Illinois.  Click here to visit his business website.

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