Commercial Real Estate


Commercial Real Estate and Property Management

In the commercial real estate world, rising electricity costs can be a significant problem for both the tenants and the commercial property itself. At BOX, we work with a vast selection of national retail electric companies in every deregulated market to combat those rising costs.

Having competitive electricity and gas rates is a large portion of the triple net costs for Property Management companies. Having competitive triple net prices also helps recruit future tenants for your properties.

At BOX, we have created a Commercial Real Estate Product that allows the Management companies to create a new revenue stream and lower the costs for their tenants in a triple net scenario—setting up Commercial Real Estate Companies as their own energy broker allows the company to make a recurring revenue each month while also lowering the tenants’ energy costs, a Win/Win scenario!

Property Management and Commercial Real Estate Companies make up a large portion of BOX’s energy customers’ portfolio.  We service Properties in Every deregulated market from New York to Texas.