With BOX, you’ll gain access to every deregulated market in North America. We offer pricing from the top energy suppliers, so you’ll always have the best deals for your commercial clients.

You can even access our licensing so you can start selling in new markets immediately.

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A Unique Advantage for Energy Brokers

We offer several unique advantages to commercial energy brokers across North America:

  • We offer access to more suppliers.
  • We cover more deregulated markets.
  • We provide business support and technology to streamline your sales and growth.
  • We offer flexible payment plans so you can access commissions when you need them.

But there’s even more than that. We have built our partnerships on trust and transparency.

Unlike our competition, we don’t ever sell energy direct to consumers and we’re independently owned, so you know you’re always getting unbiased pricing and support.

A Unique Advantage for Energy Brokers

Instantly Access All Markets and Suppliers Across North America

All Energy Markets

You’ll gain instant access to all deregulated markets in North America. That means you can reach tons of new commercial clients.


Access All Markets

All Energy Suppliers

When you partner with us, you also partner with North America’s top energy suppliers, so you can always offer the best rates.


Access All Suppliers

All Licenses

Don’t have licensing in all markets? No problem—as a BOX partner, you can piggy-back off our licensing in all markets.


Access All Licenses

Flexible Payment Plans

Many suppliers offer only residual commissions payments, but that doesn’t always work for brokers.

That’s why we offer our partners several commission payment schedules. Whether you want residual or upfront commissions, we can help.

Our payment plans are standard across all of our suppliers, so you’ll have more options than ever before.

Get Flexible Payment Plans

Instant Pricing & Contract Creation

Creating contracts and updating pricing from several suppliers can be time-consuming and error-stricken tasks.

Not only is the process laborious, each supplier does things in different ways, further convoluting the process.

With BOX’s EnergyEngine Platform, you’ll get instant pricing and automated contract creation, so you can get the job done faster and easier than ever before.

Streamline Your Energy Sales

Our World-Class Commercial Energy Broker Support System

There’s so much to do when selling energy – update pricing, create contracts, negotiate prices, close deals.

Not to mention that each supplier has its own way of doing things, so you need to understand each supplier’s processes.

Brokers shouldn’t go in alone.

That’s why we have our revolutionary energy support system for our partners. Our team will help you communicate with suppliers, get specialized pricing and master the deregulated markets.

And we’ll standardize the process across all suppliers, so you spend less time pushing papers and more time closing deals.


Want a Better Energy Partner?

Our On-Boarding Process

  • Transition

    You’ll start with a transitional partner who will get you acquainted with BOX and our EnergyEngine Platform.

  • Business Managers

    You’ll then be assigned to one of our industry-expert business managers. Your business manager knows all the markets, suppliers and the industry so they can provide you with world-class support.

  • Supply Team

    Our internal supply team will interact with suppliers to get you answers or specialized pricing in no time.