Scale Your Energy Brokerage or
Consultancy with Access to All
Energy Markets in North America

More Markets, More Prospects, More Earnings

The universal need for energy means that nearly everyone is a potential customer, no matter the business or service they provide.

This creates an unparalleled opportunity for sales professionals and savvy business people to make a lucrative career offering better energy prices to businesses and property owners.

Even then, when operating your own energy brokerage or consultancy or working with another broker partner, you may be limited to a certain geographical area that limits your prospecting and scalability.

Broker Online Exchange operates in every deregulated market in North America. Because of this, BOX energy brokers have the option to choose to operate in just a small area, or expand and scale their business to reach a nationwide customer base.

Since BOX holds the proper certifications and licenses in every deregulated gas and electricity market, you can piggy-back off of our licenses and scale your broker business to a national level!

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about the markets in each state or province: