The Largest, Most Flexible

Retail Energy Supplier, Broker, and Consultant Network in North America

Established in 2013, Broker Online Exchange (BOX) has become the largest network of energy agents, energy brokers, and energy consulting firms in North America!

As an independent, well-capitalized company, we provide world-class, personalized access and support to anyone with an energy need, be it a consumer, broker, referral partner, or supplier. We connect a variety of diverse partners so they can each benefit from streamlined, efficient, deregulated energy.

Gain an Energy Edge

Commercial Customers

Start saving money on your commercial energy when you connect with a professional broker in our far-reaching, powerful network.

Brokers and Consultants

Scale your business and grow your income by gaining instant access to higher commissions, a world-class support team, cutting-edge proprietary software, and every major supplier and market in the retail energy industry.

Referral Partners

Earn residual income when you refer commercial customers for their energy needs. Your referrals will get the very best prices and you’ll collect the reward.

We’re proud to work with top energy suppliers including:

Partnerships with Major Suppliers
Individual consultants across 400+ Agencies
KWH Booked
Therms Booked
Gas & Electricity Accounts

Scale your energy business with the industry’s
top broker, consultant and supplier network

90+ Suppliers

Get the most competitive rates for your clients with access to top electricity and gas suppliers across all deregulated markets.

Structure Desk

For qualifying customers, our structure desk will make a presentation of managed products, analytical data, sales charts, and the professional recommendation from an expert market analyst whose sole job is to know all things power and gas.

Access All Retail Energy Markets

Partner with us to do business in more gas and electricity markets–we hold licenses in all markets so you can piggy-back off our licenses and scale your business.

Quick, Flexible Access To Cash

In times of transition or when hiring new top talent, immediate cash flow can allow you to stay ahead of payments while building up your customer base and future revenue. Get paid the way you need with our Next Day Pay or Cash Advance Programs.

Expert Support Team

Work with our account managers, a dedicated support team of industry experts, and a skilled support team for your customers.

Save Time on Administrative Tasks &
Expedite Closing
with Our Cutting Edge
Proprietary Software

Real Time Pricing

Spend more time selling and less time updating spreadsheets with instant access to up-to-date prices from all suppliers using our industry-leading technology and software.

Contract Automation

Close deals faster with contract automation designed specifically for energy brokers that allows you to create accurate, professional contracts in a fraction of the time.

Digital Signing

BOX’s DocuSign integration allows you to send contracts and accept electronic signatures to close deals quickly.

Renewal Management

Easily keep track of upcoming renewals, and automatically generate renewal pricing and send contracts to your customers in a few clicks to keep your revenue flowing.

Why brokers love working with BOX?

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