Partner with BOX to Build or Scale Your Energy Business

A Unique Advantage for Independent Energy Brokers and Consultants

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BOX offers several unique advantages to commercial energy brokers and consultants across North America.
  • Earn higher commissions with BOX than with any other energy broker partner.

  • Gain access to every major supplier in each market, ensuring the best prices for your customers.

  • Cover more deregulated markets than with any other energy broker partner, allowing you more freedom to scale your independent business to new heights.

  • Get support from a world-class business support team and industry-leading technology to streamline your sales and growth.

  • Gain insight and market expertise from analysts with years of experience in the energy industry.

  • Access your commissions in the way that makes the most sense for your business with flexible payment plans.

BOX is much more than just a one-stop shop for additional tools and support.

The key to our success is that we have built our energy broker partnerships on quality and transparency, using our experience and integrity to build relationships of trust. We want all of our energy partners to build on their successes while making their jobs and lives easier at the same time.

We never sell energy directly to consumers and we’re independently owned, so you know you’re always getting unbiased pricing and support.

Become An Independent Energy Broker with BOX and Earn More

At BOX, our goal is to help our energy brokers consultants close as many deals and make as much money as possible.

Naturally, your earnings are a direct result of the effort and work you put into finding customers and deals. With the right work ethic, the sky is the limit for how much you can earn with BOX.  Learn how to become an energy broker today and explore the benefits of joining the dynamic community at BOX.

One way BOX does more to help you earn than any other energy broker partner is through our industry-leading commission plans. At BOX, you can earn higher commissions on the deals you close. Any energy broker working with another company can instantly start earning 25-50% more income simply by working with us.

Grow Your Energy Business With Access to All Markets & Suppliers

With BOX, you’ll gain access to every deregulated market in North America, allowing you to expand and scale your energy brokering business from one market to a nationwide audience. Expand your network and close more deals with access to a wider range of prospects. See how you can scale your energy business nationally with the deregulated energy map.

We also offer pricing from all of the top energy suppliers in each market, so you’ll always have the best deals for your commercial energy clients. Our state-of-the-art software allows you to quickly and easily access the best prices for natural gas and electricity, making your offer a no-brainer for your prospects.

Close Your Big Prospects with Analysis from Our Structure Desk

Have you ever come across a really large customer that just needs some extra data, expertise, and love?

Well, we’ve got you covered. We will help you shoulder the load with a dedicated structure desk!

For qualifying customers, our structure desk will present managed products, analytical data, sales charts, and professional recommendations from an expert market analyst, whose sole job is to know all things power and gas.

Our structure desk has experience on the supplier side of the business as well as deep insider knowledge of wholesale trading, large C&I deal structuring, and market timing analytics.

Get Instant Pricing & Contract Creation with My Service Cloud

Creating contracts and updating pricing from several suppliers can be a time-consuming and error-stricken process. With BOX’s proprietary energy broker software, you’ll get instant access to powerful software to help streamline and automate essential tasks.

Our proprietary software takes care of many administrative items such as pricing, contract creation, DocuSign integration for e-signing, commission tracking, and automated contract renewal management so you can get the job done faster and easier than ever before.

BOX My Service Cloud Dashboard

Renewal Services

One of the huge benefits you get when partnering with Broker Online Exchange, is the ability to have a full time team dedicated to your renewals and actually retaining the deals you close with BOX.  Let our dedicated team of energy experts help you stay in touch with your clients and make sure they are being touched through their contract.  When market dips happen, you and your clients will be notified of the market changes and will be encouraged to take advantage of the lowered rates.

We are as invested as you are in making sure the clients you sign stay with you for the long haul! Take advantage our of renewal services team to help you with marketing, auto-renewals, and a plan to take advantage of fortuitous market timing.

Let us help you win the mega deals!

No Matter Your Situation,
BOX is Here to Support You

BOX partners with energy broker partners of all types. No matter what your situation is, our world-class team of energy professionals is here to support you! Our energy affiliate program can help you profit from the most innovative deregulated energy opportunities. Here are some common situations for our broker partners:

  • Brokerage Firms
  • Individual Brokers
  • Brokers Starting their
    Own Business

Get Paid Your Way with Flexible Payment Plans

Many suppliers offer only residual commission payments, making it difficult to get your commissions in a timely manner to keep your business running at optimal levels.

At BOX, we offer our energy partners several commission payment schedules. With options that include our Next Day Pay and Cash Advance Programs, you can get your commissions as quickly as you need them to stay ahead of your expenses, attract top talent, or help you transition to becoming an independent energy broker.