Apartments & Multifamily


Apartments & Multifamily Property Owners

Broker Online Exchange takes a thorough and strategic approach to energy management for Apartments & Multifamily clients.

Our dedicated Account Managers can help manage these customers’ needs over the term of their agreement, keeping meters organized, managing new locations, or transferring service cleanly in the event of a sale. 

In addition to securing the best-fit energy product for your portfolio, Broker Online Exchange will also help assess if the property is eligible for any efficiency programs. Whether you pay your utility costs directly or not, says that helping your business to become more energy efficient can lower your operating costs, increase your property’s asset value, and make your properties more marketable through lower costs of living and increased comfort from residents.  

We understand that the real estate industry is inherently transactional. Partnering with Broker Online Exchange means leveraging over 100 years combined energy experience negotiating contract terms and pricing. We act as your advocate and partner throughout the entire process, putting our expertise to work on your behalf.