Partner with BOX and
Expand Into the Energy Sector

More Products, More Prospects, More Earnings

Broker Online Exchange partners with more than energy brokers. We create partnerships with a broad group of sales organizations, out-sourced marketing companies, and independent business owners looking for new products to sell to their clientele.

Electricity and gas are products that every business needs. Because of this, partnering with BOX makes sense for many direct sales organizations, offering an easy way to expand into the energy sector.

The many benefits to partnering with BOX:

  • An essential product that every business needs
  • Potential to show every customer savings
  • Healthy margins that produce quick cash flow
  • Ability for one-stop closes
  • Easy sales process without credit checks in most markets
  • Weekly payments to your sales team
  • Detailed commission reporting sent weekly or monthly

Broker Online Exchange
Simplifies the Sales Process by Offering:

My Service Cloud

Our proprietary software allows direct sales teams,
out-sourced marketing companies, and IBO’s instant access to pricing, on-the-spot contract generation, online signatures, and commission tracking groups, agents, and customers.. It’s that simple!

world class service
World-Class Support

We assign each organization a dedicated Account Manager who will help train, organize, and be available for you and your agents. Along with a pricing desk and commission group, you’ll get all the focus and attention you’ll need to get a new sales group off the ground and running!

Affiliate List
Instant Market Access

 Access dozens of electricity suppliers and their rates in seconds. Giving your agents and IBO’s ability to shop the FULL market for each customer and provide the customer with the BEST electricity and gas rates available in their market.

Affiliate Handshake

We provide industry training, all the information needed to sell electricity and gas, and all of the pertinent market info needed to succeed. Such as market information, how to read utility bills, research suppliers, and learn the industry jargon.