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90+ Suppliers

Get the most competitive rates for your clients with access to top electricity and gas suppliers in all deregulated markets.

Get Paid Your Way

Gain instant access to money you need to keep business flowing with options for residual and upfront payments.

Access All Markets

We hold licenses in all deregulated electricity and gas markets. Partner with us to build or expand your energy business.

Expert Support Team

Don’t go at it alone. Work with a dedicated Account Management team of industry experts invested in your success.

On-Boarding Process – What To Expect When Joining

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    First, complete our online application by clicking join today. The application will automatically be submitted to our on-boarding team for review and an associate will call you to better understand your needs, answer any questions you may have, and make sure you know exactly what to expect.

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    Next, your on-boarding associate will present your application to our on-boarding committee to determine if you meet the qualifications to join our exclusive network of energy brokers. It’s a chance to make sure that you fit the criteria we need as well as make sure your expectations align with our services.

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    You’re assigned a dedicated industry-expert Account Manager to get you trained on systems and processes. Our account managers and supply team know all markets, all suppliers, and will provide you with world-class support so that you can do what you do best and let us do the rest.

Get Paid Your Way with BOX Commission Programs

At BOX, we understand that when you get paid can often be just as important as how much you get paid. Especially in times of transition, on-boarding new talent, or expanding your business, it can be helpful to manage the timing of your commissions to cover expenses when you need it most. We’ll work with you to ensure that your business is able to run optimally by helping you select the best commission payment options for your given situation.

Monthly Residual Payments

Our default commission structure includes consistent monthly residual income based on meter reads. This program provides long-term consistent cash flow without ever having to worry about drops.

Next Day Pay Program

For qualifying partners, sometimes it’s important to see the benefits of your work immediately. Get paid the day after your deal is accepted by the supplier for access to fast cash to incentivize performance and use as a recruitment tool for top talent.

Annual Upfront Payments

For qualifying partners, large upfront payments can be made available in the payment cycle following the deal closing, for a significant cash flow boost. This is particularly useful when funding new business initiatives or expanding to new markets.

Weekly or Bi-weekly Payments

When cash is needed more frequently to jumpstart your deal flow or cover the cost of a new hire, our weekly or bi-weekly payment programs give you the cash you need quickly and consistently.

Structure Desk

For qualifying customers, our structure desk will make a presentation of managed products, analytical data, sales charts, and the professional recommendation from an expert market analyst whose sole job is to know all things power and gas.

World-Class Support Team

When you partner with BOX, you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager and have access to a full support staff, and a commissions team to help manage your payouts – making closing deals easier than ever.

Work with a partner that cares as much about the health of your business as you do. Enroll with BOX today to gain access to these commission programs and much more.

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