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Partner as a Supplier to Tap Into an Experienced Channel with the Most Sophisticated Technology

BOX is the supplier’s one stop shop for access to
MORE of what matters:

  • MORE Brokers
  • MORE States
  • MORE Markets
Partner as a Supplier

Partner as a Supplier to Close Deals
Faster and More Efficiently than Ever Before

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Licensed in ALL Markets

BOX is fully licensed for both Gas and Electricity for ALL deregulated markets and states.

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All Deals are Fully Vetted

All deals processed through BOX are fully vetted, QC’s or TPV’d, leaving suppliers with no question of legitimacy!

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One Consolidated Payment

With BOX suppliers pay only ONE Consolidated Payment for thousands of energy brokers.

No Promises, Just┬áResults – Partner as a Supplier Today!

Partner with BOX Today

Why Suppliers Love Working With BOX

Regardless of size or location, BOX is here to help suppliers grow by giving them access to:

  • A professional staff with years of supplier experience (we know the supplier side of the business)
  • A full executive staff including marketing, pricing desk, Account Managers, and a dedicated commissions team

  • Technology to Consolidate and Automate the Broker/Supplier Relationship

  • Access to over a 1,000 contracts executed monthly on the BOX platform
  • Plus, BOX takes responsibility for any drops/true-ups that happen on our watch

Partner with BOX
as a Supplier

Broker Online Exchange (BOX) is the largest, most flexible retail energy network in North America. If you have any questions, please use this form to contact us, and an wel will contact you as soon as we can.

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