Sometimes we all need a little inspiration. You might be in the middle of a long month at work, or maybe you just need a little kickstart to your day, but either way, a few examples of business success won’t hurt. Taking a look at some of the best case studies gives you an idea of what you’re already doing right, and what you can do better in the future. Broker Online Exchange was started with one goal—helping energy brokers grow their businesses – so today we’ve brought you some case studies, and the lessons you can take away from them.

1. Big D Custom Screen Printing

Darren Robbins of Big D Custom Screen Printing only catered to large orders when he first opened his doors. But because of the scheduling, his shop was idle in between orders. So he made the change to fill empty time with smaller orders that helped spread out risk in the business and found profit in a different market segment.

Many energy brokers may be looking for the home run sale, while ignoring the smaller, potentially beneficial sales that can be made to small businesses. By all means, go after bigger companies, but don’t forget that there’s still profit to be found selling to smaller customers.

2. Crème Brulee Cart

Curtis Kimball began the Crème Brulee Cart in San Francisco as a business that was about as small as they come. His business moved around constantly, and he needed a way to let people know where his cart would be each day. So he turned to social media, using Twitter to alert his followers to the location of his cart each day.

If you’re looking for inexpensive marketing ideas, social media is an excellent way to advertise without breaking your budget. Your business isn’t moving around every day, but you still need to advertise and get your name out there.

3. Diagnostic Hybrids

Diagnostic Hybrids was a successful business specializing in medical diagnostics, but they were able to reach new heights by partnering with Quidel, a market leader in rapid diagnostic tests. This allowed them access to better research and development resources and a larger market presence.

There are plenty of successful energy brokers out there who made it all by themselves, but there are plenty of benefits to partnering with a company that’s been built to help your business. Because partnership should be beneficial to both parties involved.

Broker Online Exchange was created with energy brokers like you in mind, and we want to help your business thrive. From streamlining the matrix and small business contract process, to enabling energy brokers to compete in the competitive and lucrative large commercial energy procurement process, our business managers have been helping energy and gas brokers across all deregulated markets skyrocket their business.

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