BOX Announces Their May 2024 Supplier of the Month – Freepoint Energy Solutions

BOX is proud to announce our May pick for Supplier of the Month, Freeport Energy Solutions! Chosen because they help their customers manage energy risks during a changing world and they are dedicated to industry leading partnerships.

Freepoint Energy Solutions is a subsidiary of Freepoint Commodities, one of the most respected names in the global physical commodities industry.  Drawing on Freepoint’s wholesale expertise, experienced professionals, and vertically integrated energy supply chain, Freepoint Energy Solutions helps their customers meet all their energy needs and achieve their sustainability goals. Offering competitively priced power supply has been at the core of their offering since Freepoint Energy Solutions inception in 2017. Today they serve commercial & industrial customers in PJM, ERCOT, & NYISO.

Why Choose Freepoint Energy Solutions

Freepoint’s product suite is rapidly evolving to meet their customers’ needs. They provide robust offerings of supply and demand side solutions, in addition to a growing suite of renewable products. Some of their products include:

  •  Freepoint Managed Supply supported by their Structured Solutions team; providing reporting and market intelligence in combination with retail electricity supply. Enhancing your procurement team’s ability to make informed energy decisions and manage their energy price risk.
  • Freepoint Renewable Choice; their fully integrated renewable retail supply offering for customers making the conscious choice to go green. Customers can choose from existing or new assets where available, for a fully integrated renewable retail energy solution.
  • PointPay; Their proprietary demand side product, and a smarter solution to demand management for customers’ with the ability to curtail their load.