Keeping yourself and your energy brokerage business productive might sound like something that just happens. You expect to constantly find productive ways for you and your employees to use time, but it doesn’t always work out like that. There are a myriad of different problems and complications that can get in your way and stop your energy brokerage from using its time in the best possible way. At BOX, we understand the potential pitfalls that you work hard to avoid every day, and so we’ve brought you some tips to stay productive at the office.

1. Learn to delegate effectively

This is a common problem for many people who start their own business, especially if that business has grown and is thriving. They still feel like they need to have their hands on every part of the process, maybe like it was in the beginning. But this is a killer in terms of productivity. You’re stretched thin trying to keep an eye on everything, and your employees don’t feel like they have your trust. It’s a no-win situation, and to get past this you have to learn to delegate appropriately. It doesn’t mean you take yourself out of everything, but start thinking about what really needs your attention, and what can probably be left to others. If you give someone a deadline, trust that they will take it seriously. Give them a chance to prove that you don’t need to be attached every step of the way.

2. Stay Organized

Keeping your time and space well organized is critical to maintaining a productive business environment. In terms of organizing your time, refer back to delegating. Getting caught in meetings you don’t need to attend and going out of your way to try to find time for everything are surefire ways to wind up without any free time. You can also look into how you manage your time and the different systems you use on a daily basis. Unorganized communications and management can have a disastrous effect on business productivity.

3. Use technology to increase your productivity

Are there some unnecessary technologies out there being marketed as time savers and income boosters? Sure, but you shouldn’t shy away from technology if you can see a tangible benefit from it. You may have some reservations at first, but with only a little training and effort, you’re bound to start seeing the benefits that new technology can bring you. Take the EnergyEngine at BOX, for example. This state-of-the-art platform offers unprecedented support to brokers in the form of contract management, instant pricing, and expanded markets. Cutting out the hassle of the contracting process and relying on EnergyEngine to handle your administrative details will save you precious time, and free up you and your staff to work on what you do best—matching customers with the right suppliers at the right prices.

If you think that your brokerage could use a productivity boost, contact Brokerage Online Exchange today, and see how EnergyEngine can help you.