Anyone will tell you that trust is the foundation of a good relationship. Without it, you’re missing the key that allows people to work well together, and accomplish their goals. As an energy broker, it’s extremely important that your customers trust in your ability to get them the best energy prices. Without that trust, potential customers may start asking themselves why they need a middleman in the first place, and strike out on their own. Keep in mind that this type of relationship doesn’t just happen right away. Customers may be apprehensive about using a service they’ve never tried before, so it’s up to you to calm their fears and do what you do best—get them the best price for their energy needs.

At BOX, we understand the challenges you face every day, and that’s why we’re offering you unprecedented support through our state-of-the-art EnergyEngine platform. Take a look at some of the ways EnergyEngine and the BOX team can help you establish a strong relationship with your clients.

  • Customer Service is always going to be essential to building trust between you and your client. How you handle communication, concerns, and even complaints, can make the difference in keeping a client. You may provide a great service, but if you don’t have top-notch customer service as well, you can bet that your relationship with your customer will suffer. Striving to be responsive and timely when a problem arises is key to gaining your client’s confidence. EnergyEngine provides you with a single centralized point of contact between brokers and suppliers, where you can easily manage status and communications with multiple suppliers at once. Keeping these lines of communication open and flowing is a great way to build your client’s trust.

  • Transparency is another important part of maintaining a healthy relationship with your customer. If there is a problem, being upfront and admitting mistakes is a policy that they will appreciate, and knowing you are willing to let them know about any issues will give them peace of mind.

  • Staying compliant with all state and federal regulations is essential. Failing to meet these requirements can cost you—not only fines and penalties, but also your good standing in the eyes of your clients. With EnergyEngine, you can be sure that you are compliant with all regulations, and we provide a turnkey solution if there is a change in regulations.

Communication, transparency, and compliance are all important for establishing trust, but so is coming through with the best prices for your customers. EnergyEngine gives you access to all of our suppliers, as well as the most up-to-date pricing. With BOX, you can be sure you’re getting the best deals for your customers, and you can bet they’ll appreciate it, as well.

If you think your energy brokerage could benefit from EnergyEngine, contact Brokerage Online Exchange today.