Energy Broker Education: 3 Skills You Need to Become a Successful Energy Broker

There’s no better time than now to get your foot in the door of the energy brokering industry. A growing number of states are choosing energy deregulation as more consumers realize the power that comes from choosing their own energy supplier.

But for the average consumer, finding the right energy plan can be a confusing process. That’s why energy brokers are an important intermediary between the consumer and providers. As a energy broker, you get to empower your customers and guide them through finding the plan that is right for them.

3 Skills All Energy Brokers Need

Becoming an energy broker is more accessible than ever, but before you take the leap, make sure you read more about what it takes to cut it:

Communication Skills

Just like any other sales focused role, communication is essential not just to prospective clients but to your account manager as well. You also need to know how to explain different plans to your customer and help them understand their options. And you need to persuasively explain your position to the customer without using industry jargon they may not understand.

Prospecting Skills

In order to grow your energy business, you need to be able to consistently find customers. You are going to have a tough go of it as an energy broker if you’re waiting for someone to send leads your way. Natural networkers are going to make the most impact as energy brokers. That’s why the ideal energy broker is someone who can find and nurture sales leads on their own. Ideally, you already have existing connections and have continued building relationships with businesses over the years.

Customer Relations Skills

Of course, finding customers is only as useful as your ability to keep them. That is why good customer relations skills are paramount in your role as an energy broker. This involves building relationships with your customers and personalizing your interactions with them. Different customers require different interactions with you. Some are happy to communicate solely over email while others need a phone call every once in a while. The important thing is to know your customers so you can create a positive experience for them.

Learn To Become an Energy Broker With BOX

You may have noticed that one skill set we did not include is “experience in the energy industry.” That’s because industry knowledge can be taught! The ideal BOX energy broker consultant already has established sales and networking skills. They simply need back office support. They need someone who can help them get quotes, do paperwork, and navigate pricing while they’re on the road.

If that resonates with you, then you should consider partnering with Broker Online Exchange. BOX is the leader in the industry allowing you to always present the best rates to your customers. With our energy broker training, you can focus on continuing to nurture relationships with your customers while we handle pricing and contracts. Best of all, our pricing structure is far better than the competition.

Contact us today to learn more about how BOX can help you become an independent energy broker.