It can be hard to make changes in certain parts of your business, especially if you’ve been doing things a certain way for quite awhile. Maybe what you’re used to doing isn’t necessarily a negative, but it may be more time consuming than it has to be. And for a small business, wasting time can be a real killer. So why not take a look at your energy broker business and see what you could do differently? At BOX, we know how technology can help energy brokers, so we thought we’d bring you some of the ways you can use new technology to boost your business.

1. Concur

Bring your expense reporting into the digital age with Concur—no more receipts or paper, just an integrated platform that allows for transparency and analytics. Concur allows you to oversee and manage spending as it happens, rather than just adding up what you’ve already lost. Managing your employees’ expenses has never been fun, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a headache.

2. Todoist

Writing down a simple to-do list is a part of organizing that you probably do almost every day. Todoist gives you smart to-do lists. They’re broken down into the details of the task, the due date, and other relevant information. But they’re also collaborative, and allow for email reminders and subtasks with different timelines, and you can use it on just about any device that you own.

3. Cloud Backup

If you aren’t already backing up your data on the cloud, now’s the time to start. The cloud is becoming the go-to for data backup, recovery, archiving, and disaster recovery. You should still keep a local copy of your most recent backup, but the cloud gives you more options and more convenience in data backup.

4. Oomph

If you’ve been using print ads and want to change over to more digital marketing, then take a look at Oomph. Basically, it allows you to convert print ads into digital ones without hiring an agency to create new ads or redesign your old ones. Take your old print ads and give them new life online.

5. Likeable Local

Maybe you feel like you’re spending too much time working on your social media presence, or maybe you just don’t want to take the time to post the same thing to four different sites. Likeable Local automates as much of that process as possible, suggesting content to publish, and allowing you to schedule postings on multiple sites all at once.

New and efficient technology is coming out every day, so don’t get stuck in a rut doing things the old-fashioned way just because that’s how you’ve always done them. At BOX, we’re all about using technology to boost your business, and we want to take care of those time-consuming administrative details so that you can spend more time getting the best energy prices for your customers.

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about how Brokerage Online Exchange’s own proprietary platform, EnergyEngine, can help your energy broker business.