How EnergyEngine and the team at BOX can help your energy brokerage flourish.

Running an energy brokerage demands constant attention. You have to be on top of daily pricing changes and stay on the lookout for new clients. Marketing your brokerage correctly is a smart way to stay active and draw in potential clients, but you may still be looking for a leg up on the competition. At Brokerage Online Exchange, we believe that our EnergyEngine software is exactly the leg up you’ve been looking for.

What does EnergyEngine bring to the table? EnergyEngine can help your brokerage in several different areas, but by far one of the most valuable is its ability to open new markets to your business. EnergyEngine allows your brokerage to compete in the lucrative large commercial energy procurement process by providing a larger network of suppliers than you would otherwise have access to. At BOX we offer in-depth knowledge and instant access to all suppliers, all products, and all markets, saving you valuable time and eliminating hassles.

  • Working with our business managers means that you can expand into markets you never thought possible. Whether this gives you the support to build a growing sales team, or just a little extra free time to take advantage of, we’re confident that your business will flourish with the help provided by EnergyEngine and our team of business managers.

  • The deregulation of the energy industry has opened up opportunities for your brokerage across the country. The problem is accessing all of the markets and expanding into territories that you may not have a direct line to. With BOX and EnergyEngine, you get that access and gain traction in lucrative markets that you’ve been missing out on until now.

And EnergyEngine doesn’t just give you access to these markets; it supplies you with the tools and technology you need to make the most of your new territories. Because EnergyEngine is cloud-based software, you can take it anywhere you have an Internet connection and access it on any of your mobile devices. It doesn’t matter whether you’re accessing it from Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, or any smartphone—EnergyEngine’s operating system is device agnostic, so it works equally effectively.

EnergyEngine also features built-in compliance to suppliers’ standards, ensuring the highest degree of professionalism, as well as supplying a turnkey solution once new regulation is introduced. EnergyEngine is built with your needs in mind, providing solutions and insight for the most time consuming and challenging aspects of managing your brokerage. EnergyEngine lets you transact with the confidence that you have at your disposal the widest range of products available for your customers, and that you’re operating within the regulatory framework.

Contracts, new markets, and compliance assurance are just part of what the BOX team and EnergyEngine can do for you. We were built to serve a variety of markets ranging from small commercial matrix sales to large commercial energy sales, helping to streamline retail energy transactions. To learn more about our state of the art software, contact Brokerage Online Exchange today.