Becoming your own boss sounds like a far-too-distant dream for most people, but it turns out the deregulated energy market allows many people to achieve exactly this dream. It’s achievable for independent energy brokers.

The main advantage of gaining your independence isn’t just freedom from a boss: it’s also the ability to make the lion’s share of your commissions rather than losing them to an employer.

How Much More Will You Make as an Independent Energy Broker?

That depends on your current gig and the route you take when becoming independent.

But just for some perspective, we’ve met several brokers who’ve made an additional 20 – 25% on commission splits, so there can be quite the leap in cashflow.

Why Isn’t Everyone an Independent Energy Broker?

We can’t testify to everyone, but we’ve met many brokers who worried about all the backend responsibility – administrative tasks, developing and maintaining supplier relationships, licensing, obtaining pricing and so on.

There are a lot of things you need to do on the backend that take up a ton of time. Time you would probably rather spend selling energy and making money.

Not to mention that there’s really no industry standard processes, so each supplier does things its own way. That means you’ll struggle to create a single system for pricing, creating contracts and getting commissions.

Lastly, one of the biggest hurdles people face are commission payment plans. When you’re starting out on your own, you don’t necessarily have the cash flow quite yet – and small residual payments aren’t going to cut it at first.

And, since you’re newly independent, you probably haven’t developed the kind of relationship with suppliers necessary to get upfront commission payments.

So What’s Changed to Help More Energy Brokers Gain Their Independence?

A couple of things have changed.

First of all, independent energy brokers now have access to technology that can help them streamline their energy sales.

They can now use 75+ suppliers, so you don’t need to spend time building brand-new relationships with them.

  • You can piggy-back off of our energy broker licenses so you can jump straight into selling energy.
  • You can get payment plans from all of our suppliers, so you can access the cash flow you need to get off the ground.
  • Ready to Gain Your Independence?

    Maybe being an independent energy broker isn’t for everyone, but with technological advances and growing energy broker networks like BOX, more people can gain their independence with significantly less risk.

    Energy brokers are living in a time in which being your own boss and making most of your commissions is no longer a distant dream – it’s now a perfectly achievable reality.