TED Talks bring some of the brightest and most innovative minds to your computer screen or smartphone. They let you in on some of the knowledge that these experts have spent years developing, and condense it into a brief, often funny, always insightful presentation that you can listen to without taking hours out of your day. Politics, the environment, relationships, and business are all topics that come up in TED Talks, and many times they intertwine with each other. At BOX, we know you may not have a lot of free time in your work day, so we thought we’d bring you some of our favorite TED Talks that may help your energy brokerage.

  • Our first talk has to do with productivity and simplicity in the workplace. Yves Morieux’s talk is an examination of why so many people feel unproductive and disengaged at work. The complexity of today’s workplace has reached a point where traditional management is obsolete, he argues, but he also offers six rules for simplicity and productivity.

  • Angela Lee Duckworth quit her consulting position and took a job teaching seventh-grade math in New York. She offers her own theory on predicting success—that part of it is based on “grit.” It’s a useful talk for anyone starting their own company or trying to boost their current business.

  • Is it true that we should work our hardest in order to be happy? Or could it be the other way around? Shawn Anchor provides plenty of humor as he examines whether happiness may actually make us more productive. This is a must see for anyone feeling stuck in a rut in their business or work routine.

  • Work-life balance is something that any entrepreneur or business owner probably struggles with. It can be incredibly hard to keep your work and your family life healthy at the same time, and Nigel Marsh’s talk involves his observations on work-life balance from his own experiences and study. He lays out an ideal day, and gives you the inspiration to actually make that day happen.

  • How is data already changing the business world, and how is data going to transform the business world in the future? Philip Evans talks about the two different theories, and why he believes they are both invalid. Anyone whose business deals with data regularly will want to listen to this TED talk.

All five of these Ted Talks offer something that you can use in your own life or business model, perhaps making some aspect of your business a little bit easier. If you’re still looking for ways to take your energy brokerage to the next level, then you may want to consider BOX as a partner. Our EnergyEngine platform will open up new markets, and gives you access to our huge list of suppliers.

At BOX, we take care of the administrative details, so that you can concentrate on what you do best—getting your customers a great price on energy. Contact Brokerage Online Exchange today if you’d like to hear more.