Broker Online Exchange Announces their June Pick for Energy Supplier of the Month: Marathon Energy

Marathon Energy

BOX is proud to announce their June pick for Supplier of the Month! Marathon Energy was chosen for their customer-focused, forward-thinking, comprehensive approach to the commercial energy business.

About Marathon Energy – Energy is Their Thing

For over 25 years, Marathon Energy has been serving businesses in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland, with continuous growth into new markets. The company offers several commodity options including natural gas to electricity, propane, heating oil, renewable energy, diesel and gasoline. As such, Marathon has the flexibility to support a combination of energy needs.

Going the Distance

Marathon takes the lead in customer satisfaction and retention year after year. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and the highest level of customer service in the industry. They also have 25-years of experience and a foundation their customers trust. Marathon Energy gives customers confidence they need by working with one of the most reputable companies in the marketplace.

Committed to Your Business

One of Marathon’s greatest assets is their knowledgeable team of professionals. Marathon’s experienced Channel Managers are committed to ensure an efficient and seamless transaction process for both their channel partners and their partners’ clients. After all, Marathon’s business is committed to helping build yours. With unparalleled customer service, a seasoned team of professionals, and the highest level of integrity; Marathon Energy delivers!

About Broker Online Exchange

Broker Online Exchange (BOX) is the largest and most flexible retail energy network in North America. We satisfy the needs of commercial customers, energy brokers, and affiliates by providing direct access to North America’s top suppliers, markets, personalized support and payment plans.

For commercial energy customers, BOX offers access to the largest and most experienced broker network in the country. We connect customers to professional, specialized energy brokers will help satisfy your energy needs with the industry’s best prices. With over 45,000 accounts served across every market and industry, we know how to help each customers’ specific industry and market combination like no one else.

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