What is BOX Strategic Solutions?

Put simply, BOX Strategic Solutions provide pricing strategy and more sophisticated pricing options for large customers.

Buying electricity can be very complex and with complexity comes the possibility of customers signing contracts that do not include what they had anticipated. BOX’s goal is to ensure the customer gets the best deal and contract terms possible in the marketplace!

The lowest price shown often does not equal the best deal, there can be many layers not easily visible to the customer that can make that low price much higher in the long run. The BOX Custom Solutions team is here to work with Energy Brokers and their customers in developing the most optimal strategy. Some of these services include:

BOX Strategic Solutions Analysis

In-Depth Contract & Usage Analysis

BOX Strategic Solutions Demand Response

Demand Response & Analysis

BOX Strategic Solutions

RFP Execution & Management

BOX Strategic Solutions

Custom Proposal & Presentation

Target Pricing Recommendations

Market Knowledge & Timing

Custom Pricing Solutions

Community Solar Options

BOX Strategic Solutions

On-Site Solar Analysis

Our Custom Solutions Team has deep knowledge of energy markets, products, as well as supplier-specific negotiation tactics. These services are available for any commercial electricity deal over 4,000,000 kWh of annual usage including interaction at the customer level.

Let Strategic Solutions be part of your value offering to customers. 

About Broker Online Exchange

Broker Online Exchange (BOX) is the largest and most flexible retail energy network in North America. We satisfy the needs of commercial customers, energy brokers, and affiliates by providing direct access to North America’s top suppliers, markets, personalized support and payment plans.

For commercial energy customers, BOX offers access to the largest and most experienced broker network in the country. We connect customers to professional, specialized energy brokers will help satisfy your energy needs with the industry’s best prices. With over 63,000 accounts served across every market and industry, we know how to help each customers’ specific industry and market combination like no one else.