At Broker Online Exchange, we know we provide a service that’s still new to a lot of energy brokers. Even the energy brokerage business itself is still very new in a lot of states and markets. So right now we’re taking the time to give a more in-depth explanation for some of our most frequently asked questions. A lot of the questions we get have to do with our suppliers. Let’s take a minute to clear up some of the confusion that may still exist around how we work with suppliers, and how our business with them helps yours.

What Suppliers Do You Work With?

We work with all of the major national suppliers, as well as many regional and niche suppliers in different areas across the country. Quite frankly, if you’ve heard of a supplier, we probably work with them – which means you don’t have to worry about missing out on a deal because we don’t do business with a certain supplier. Our consistently high volumes, added to our impeccable level of integrity, have made us the network of choice to the supplier community.

Through BOX, you can sell any product these suppliers offer. Electricity and gas are most common, and we offer fully fixed rates for both small commercial customers and larger customers. We also have suppliers that have index rates, heat rates, green products, and long term fixed price products. We offer complete transparency of product offerings, with no padding or hidden mileage, so that you’re in total control of your business.

Do I have to get approved by the suppliers that BOX works with?

No, working with BOX means that you’re automatically approved to sell contracts with every supplier we have an agreement with. We’ve already taken care of everything, so once you’re live with BOX, you’re live with our suppliers. This means you spend less time on administrative details and contracting, and more time selling. We level the playing field and help any sized broker navigate the large commercial segment of businesses and customers.

Another perk of partnering with BOX is that you gain access to our network of suppliers without having to get your energy broker license. The license can be difficult to get, and using our services means you utilize our licenses to sell to any market you’d like.

If I sign up with BOX, do I have to use your services exclusively?

Not at all. We want you to be able to get the best deals for your customers. We think that you’ll find our prices are the best around, but if you find a better deal elsewhere, you’re absolutely free to pursue that avenue.

When you work with BOX, you’re getting access to the fastest quotes, automated contracts, best commissions and information about all suppliers in all markets. If you still have questions, or would like to partner with BOX, contact us today and see how we can help your energy broker business.