In many states, the deregulated energy industry hasn’t been around very long, and many businesses have questions about the industry, energy brokers, and what their best options are. In the same way, many energy brokers may have questions about an intermediary like Broker Online Exchange, and exactly how we help and what services we provide. So we wanted to take some time and answer some of our most frequently asked questions regarding our partnership with energy broker businesses, and how exactly they benefit from working with BOX.

First off, what exactly is Broker Online Exchange?

BOX is a clearinghouse for retail gas and electricity brokers in deregulated markets across North America. When new gas and electricity brokers sign up with us, we allow them the access to close deals in all deregulated markets with all our suppliers. That means you get access to our huge list of suppliers in any market you work in.

What kind of energy brokers do you partner with? Will my energy broker business work well with BOX?

We work with all different kinds of partners ranging from large consulting firms to individual producers who work by themselves. We work with call centers, marketing teams, small broker shops, and guys who sell electricity on the side, as well as large broker houses that sell dozens of deals a day. So there’s no need to worry about being too small, or not fitting some stereotypical image of an energy broker business.

We also work well with partners who primarily sell other services like HVAC installation, electrical services, LED lighting, energy efficiency or commercial construction projects. Basically, if you sell, or want to sell, gas or electricity savings to your commercial customers, we can help!

So do you offer training for my reps and agents?

We do offer training for our Energy Engine platform and how to use the system. We don’t offer training on the industry or “how to be a broker” training. Our services are best suited for brokers who have some experience in the industry already. With that being said, we don’t mind taking some time to help explain things, and we offer plenty of back office support for your business.

And what does that back office support entail?

When you sign up with us, you’ll be assigned a dedicated team consisting of a business manager who will be your single point of contact, a sales support person, a pricing desk manager, and a commission team. Your team is always available and ready to help you manage your business.

At BOX, we want your energy broker business to work with us, and we’re confident that we offer the services and expertise you need to boost your business. But we also know that you don’t want to jump into any deal or partnership without thoroughly going over the details. So contact us today if you have any more questions about the Energy Engine, our partnership, or how BOX helps energy brokers.