Expo Attendees Can Enroll into EnerConnect Channel Partner Program for Free

Suffern, NY: In anticipation of the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, Broker Online Exchange, the largest deregulated energy network in North America, has removed all enrollment fees from their EnerConnect Affiliate Partner Program. Partners can enroll for free at enroll.brokeronlinexchange.com/affiliate.

The EnerConnect program allows partners to easily sell retail energy to commercial clients in order to earn commissions. Partners simply send a photo through the BOX app and receive detailed price comparisons and savings sheets that they can show their clients.

“We know many attendees will be a great fit for our EnerConnect Program,” said Benji Coomer, Vice President of Broker Online Exchange. “We’re looking forward to working with professionals who want to take advantage of deregulated energy’s many opportunities, even if they’re not experts in the field.”

EnerConnect also offers several other unique advantages to commercial service professionals:

  • Access to all the top suppliers in all markets ensures affiliates will have truly competitive and beneficial pricing for their clients.
  • Broker Online Exchange offers a world-class support team with expertise in all markets and industries to address any questions or concerns.
  • Partners can leverage energy savings to revitalize relationships or uncover savings for clients to use towards the partner’s core business.

About Broker Online Exchange: Broker Online Exchange is North America’s largest retail energy network, connecting energy sellers with suppliers. They help commercial energy brokers and affiliates streamline sales through a competitive pricing network, world-class support, and groundbreaking technology. Learn more at brokeronlinexchange.com.