Direct Energy recently released their 2017 Energy Decision Makers Report, which provides many insights into how many decision makers treat deregulated energy.

While much of the report speaks to business owners and decision makers, there’s a lot of value in the report for energy brokers.

Let’s look at a few important facts derived from the report.

1. Many Businesses Don’t Work with Independent Suppliers

Of all the respondents surveyed, 67% said they were not working with an independent supplier. For brokers, that means there’s still a ton of opportunity out there. But how do you convince them to switch to an independent supplier? The next fact can help there.

2. Businesses Who Do Work with an Energy Supplier Save Big

According to the report, 92% of businesses who responded to the survey found reduced costs when obtaining energy from an independent supplier.

This is a great figure to share when speaking to businesses that are worried about switching to deregulated energy.

What’s even better is that of those people who saw reduced costs, 30% saw costs cut by more than 20%.

3. Businesses Do Not Monitor the Market for Deals

Even after businesses have made the switch to independent energy suppliers, they often fail to monitor the market for more favorable deals.

This means they’re missing out on even more beneficial pricing.

And that’s where an experienced energy broker can come in. As an energy expert, you can keep them up-to-date with the latest, most beneficial opportunities available.

In fact, according to the report, 96% of the businesses that monitor the market reduced their costs. As an energy broker, you can assist them in this endeavor to ensure savings for them and greater commissions for you.