The pros and cons of individual entrepreneurship versus hiring a team to work with

Getting your own energy brokerage up and running took work and dedication, but keeping that brokerage going takes quite a bit of energy and planning on your part. The question is, when you’re running your own business, is it better to go it alone, or should you hire on a team to help your energy brokerage grow? There isn’t always one answer for everyone. Different situations and expectations will influence your decision, but you should know the pros and cons of each side. So before you decide to go it alone or hire on some help, check out our list of advantages and disadvantages for each strategy.

Going It Alone

The arguments for solo entrepreneurship have been made a hundred times over. You are in control, and you aren’t beholden to anyone else. You’re accountable only to yourself, and you get out exactly what you put in. Some people definitely work better on their own, and can succeed this way, but it does have its downsides.

Eventually, you might find that some of the stresses and duties that come with running your business on your own are wearing you down. It can be great only answering to yourself, but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, and you might find that you need someone else—whether that’s to bounce ideas off of, pick up some of the work load, or because you want to expand past your current capabilities.

Hiring a Team

Hiring on staff and support for your brokerage doesn’t mean you couldn’t handle it on your own. Maybe you want to reduce some of the stress from various aspects of the job, or maybe you’re looking to expand your business and you know you need more hands to do it. Getting input and opinions from other people can be unbelievably helpful if you’ve been doing things on your own for a while. Working with a team gives you a chance to delegate and get some much-needed rest. Without help, fatigue and stress can wear you down and keep you from giving your customers the best service.

Whatever you choose to do, know that at Brokerage Online Exchange, we have your back. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or working with a team, our EnergyEngine software will get you the most up-to-date prices, as well as expedite the contract process. Whatever your situation, you’ll have the information you need, and the tools to use that information to grow your business.

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Going solo or working with a team is up to you, but whatever your choice, know that BOX has the technology and service to fit your needs. Contact Brokerage Online Exchange today for more information.