There are 400 million users on LinkedIn, and they should all be viewed as potential customers. To increase your chances of attracting these users to your energy broker service, you should keep your LinkedIn presence polished and professional. Here are eight tips to help you market yourself on this platform:

1. Pay special attention to your “headline.”

Many LinkedIn headlines are a simply-put profession, like “energy broker,” but you can make your headline much more attention-grabbing by adding a little detail about what you do, like “helping businesses save money on their energy bills.” Your headline is what people will read whenever you post on your news feed, so maximize the space.

2. Use a professional photo.

Having a photo is a must, but a casual photo won’t make a good first impression. Don’t include selfies or casual photos with friends. With the high-quality cameras available on most smartphones, it’s easy to have someone take a clear, professional photo for you.

3. Give yourself a personal “URL.”

By giving yourself a personal URL, the link to your LinkedIn profile will look like this: This is preferable to the alternative, which is a long string of numbers you receive as a default. In order to change your URL:

— Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your homepage and select Edit Profile.
— Click the URL link under your profile photo. It will be an address like
— Under the public profile URL section on the right, click the Edit icon next to your URL.
— Type the last part of your new custom URL in the text box.
— Click Save.

4. Join groups.

Find groups that pertain to your industry. It’s a great way to share a few best practices, and find out what others are doing in your field. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to industry-specific groups. Join local business groups that your potential prospects may belong to, and be proactive in making those connections. Before joining, you can check the group analytics to see which groups have active discussions with a large membership.

5. Start connecting.

Whether you’ve been a member of LinkedIn for a while or are brand-new to the site, keep increasing your connections. Reach out to people you used to work with, like former bosses and other professionals in your industry.

6. Be active.

It’s a useful practice to post on LinkedIn weekly to ensure you’re consistently showing up in your contacts’ news feeds. Your post may be a status update on your latest project, or a link to a news article that pertains to energy management. Make sure to “like” or “share” your contacts’ updates as well. You should be active in the groups you have joined, and make comments in the discussions. Thoughtful participation increases your professional status and will encourage others to contact you.

7. Seek recommendations.

One of the best ways to market yourself on LinkedIn is to have customers publicly attest to your professionalism and service. Reach out and ask for recommendations.

8. Seek endorsements.

At the bottom of your profile, there’s a section called “Skills and Endorsements.” Within this portion of your page, you should select the top skills you want to be known for, like “Energy Management,” “Energy Efficiency,” “Customer Service,” etc. Once you have selected these attributes, others can “endorse” you with the click of a button.

At BOX, we are eager to help your business grow. Your marketing efforts, combined with our proprietary EnergyEngine software, can significantly increase your professional success. Contact us today for more information on taking your business to the next level.