There’s no doubt about it—the energy brokerage business is highly competitive. To take your services to the next level, you may need to enhance your current practices. How can you do so effectively? Avoid going it alone, even if you have years of sales experience and a proven track record. Instead, connect with a network that helps you evaluate and manage your customers’ needs, and gives you access to a wide range of suppliers and markets. Getting the best energy prices for your clients is key, but it requires strategic marketing and access to detailed information. When you streamline your practices, you can grow your business and help your customers save money.

1. Connect with a network

The broker community is made up of competitive-minded entrepreneurs, but that’s no reason to act independently. Reaching out to others in the industry can help you in many ways, from formulating a strategic business plan to acquiring new customers. Understanding how to best educate your clients about reducing their energy costs produces greater customer satisfaction and a higher potential for residual revenue streams.

One way to connect with others is through a platform like EnergyEngine, the state-of-the-art system offered here at Broker Online Exchange (BOX), which boasts an unparalleled alignment of our business processes with suppliers so that our brokers get the attention they need at the critical times they need it.

2 Invest in strategic marketing

Creating a strong online presence is necessary for success in the energy brokerage business. You need a well-designed logo that makes a strong visual statement, and a company website that effectively markets your services. Your website should reflect the integrity and expertise of your business, which means it should be easy to navigate, and have concise information about who you are and the services you offer.

Another step for growing your business is to invest in offline methods for connecting with potential customers. Acquiring mailing lists and employing other traditional sales methods is beneficial, and may require hiring a marketing professional.

3. Get access to detailed information

Due to fluctuating prices, you’ll need to have your finger on the pulse of the energy market in order to effectively close deals. You’ll also need information from a network of suppliers to heighten your success in the electric and gas sales process.

It makes practical sense to seek out tools, like EnergyEngine, to add value to your clients’ companies and yours. This reliable system provides brokers with a million instantly transactable commercial prices, updated daily, with a single interface that prepares ready-to-sign contracts across all markets and suppliers – as well as complete transparency of our product offering, with no padding or hidden millage, so that you are in total control. When you use this software, you can also integrate consultancy services into your business model, and help your customers develop a cost-cutting strategy for energy management.

By utilizing support from your network, connecting with a platform like the EnergyEngine exchange, and investing in strategic offline and online marketing, you can take your energy broker services to the next level, attracting a range of new customers while expanding your revenue stream. For more information about EnergyEngine, reach out to us at Broker Online Exchange today.