Vistra Energy & Dynegy Merger

Vistra Energy, the parent company of both TXU Energy and Liminant, and Dynegy announced a merger agreement.

According to EnergyChoiceMatters, the merger would mean:

Together with Dynegy, Vistra Energy will serve approximately 240,000 commercial and industrial (C&I) customers and 2.7 million residential customers in five retail choice states (Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts), with estimated retail sales of 75 terawatt-hours (TWh) in 2018. The combined company will also own approximately 40 GW of installed generation capacity. Of that capacity, more than 60 percent is natural gas-fueled, and 84 percent is in the ERCOT, PJM, and ISO-NE competitive power markets.

The goal of the merger isn’t just more territory: according to the companies, it’s to create “the lowest-cost integrated power company in the industry”.

Ambit Energy Expands to Large Commercial Customers in Pennsylvania

Another story from EnergyChoiceMatters announced that Ambit Energy is expanding their services to large commercial and industrial customers in Pennsylvania.

This is great news for Ambit and Pennsylvania brokers alike. We’re excited to expand our own offering throughout Pennsylvania to give our brokers more options and even better opportunities.