Grow Your Energy Business with Your Own Shopping Page

Have you been wondering what the next step is to growing your energy business? You can now purchase a standalone shopping site, or even add it to your established business website. The best part is, setting it up is quick and easy! Add value for your customers and stand out from the competition while also simplifying the sales process. Learn more in our blog post and contact us today to get your own energy shopping page!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does the shopping page cost?

A: $299 for the first year, and $99 dollars annually after the first year for maintenance.

Q: Will this shopping page guarantee website traffic?

A: Not necessarily on its own, but depending on your business’ marketing plan, it could. For example, working with a marketing agency, posting on social media, or running ads may help drive traffic to your shopping page.

Q: Do I have to have a business website to add the shopping page?

A: This shopping page is intended to be added to a current website. If you want to build out a custom website with a customized shopping page, we recommend reaching out to us and we can get you in touch with our preferred web development partners. You will get exclusive pricing by being associated with BOX and get knowledgeable developers already familiar with implementing features of My Service Cloud (MSC).

Q: How can I add this shopping page to my website?

A: You have a couple options, we can send you the code for you or your webmaster to add yourself or we can add it for you.

Q: Can the Shopping Page’s default colors be changed to better match my website design?

A: The shopping page’s accent colors can be easily updated by your Account Manager to better match your website. Alternatively, your webmaster or web development partner can customize the page by updating the CSS.

Q: What if i want different options on the shopping page, or further customization?

A: Your best option may be to work with our chosen professional services partner. By choosing them, you get someone already familiar with MSC and get exclusive pricing by already being associated with BOX.

Q: Do I have to already be signed up with BOX to use this shopping page?

A: No, you can sign up today and get started working with BOX and add the shopping page to your current business website.

Grow Your Energy Business with Broker Online Exchange

Broker Online Exchange (BOX) is the ultimate commercial energy partner. We satisfy the needs of commercial customers, energy brokers, and affiliates by providing direct access to North America’s top suppliers, markets, personalized support and payment plans.

For commercial energy customers, BOX offers access to the largest and most experienced broker network in the country. We connect customers to professional, specialized energy brokers will help satisfy your energy needs with the industry’s best prices. With over 63,000 accounts served across every market and industry, we know how to help each customers’ specific industry and market combination like no one else.

If you have any questions about our industry-leading energy consultant, referral partner opportunities, or to work with commercial properties looking to save on energy bills, please contact us today!

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