November Energy Supplier of the Month: Mega Energy

Broker Online Exchange Announces their November Pick for Energy Supplier of the Month: Mega Energy

BOX is proud to announce their September pick for Supplier of the Month! Mega Energy was chosen for their commitment to providing simple, affordable energy services throughout Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Ohio.

About Mega Energy

World Power & Gas Holdings, LLC., DBA Mega Energy, is a minority-owned national retail electricity provider based in Sugar Land, Texas. The company was founded in 2007 providing commercial and residential energy to customers in the deregulated areas of ERCOT.  With the success of customer acquisitions in Texas, the organization expanded its energy footprint to the PJM territories by entering into select utilities in Illinois and Ohio, as well as ISO-NE, offering residential and commercial power in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New Jersey. The company  offers a variety of short-and long-term fixed-rate plans.

The organization is comprised of energy industry professionals with over 10 decades of cumulative experience working in various roles throughout the energy industry.

As a family-oriented business, Mega Energy truly value the importance of their relationships with both their customers and employees, while also striving to ensure their happiness. They believe in doing business with respect, integrity, and transparency, which is their unique formula for success. With the organization’s accomplishments, they also feel strongly in helping those who are less fortunate, and contribute both time and resources to local and national charities.

About Broker Online Exchange

Broker Online Exchange (BOX) is the largest and most flexible retail energy network in North America. We satisfy the needs of commercial customers, energy brokers, and affiliates by providing direct access to North America’s top suppliers, markets, personalized support and payment plans.

For commercial energy customers, BOX offers access to the largest and most experienced broker network in the country. We connect customers to professional, specialized energy brokers will help satisfy your energy needs with the industry’s best prices. With over 45,000 accounts served across every market and industry, we know how to help each customers’ specific industry and market combination like no one else.

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