For energy brokers, the energy channel partner programs you choose can define your success.

That’s why you can’t overlook any details when deciding who is going to be your next partner.

We’ve put together 5 things you should consider when signing up for an energy channel partner program, so you don’t overlook anything important for your success.

Does the Channel Partner Program Offer Better Rates?

This is an important factor when considering an energy channel partner program. Having access to competitive rates is essential for closing deals.

But if you partner with a supplier whose rates are notoriously uncompetitive, you’re going to struggle to sell them.

Learn whether the channel partnership will give you an edge on local rates, or at least keep you competitive.

Can Just Any Energy Broker Join the Channel Partner Program?

Some channel partner programs allow anyone to join while others (like Direct Energy) will require some certification to become a channel partner.

Your preference will likely depend on your current standing: if you need a partnership fast, you’ll probably lean towards a more inclusive partnership that doesn’t require training or tests; but if you’re looking to gain a more competitive edge, you might turn towards a more exclusive channel partnership that puts limits your local competitors by requiring tests and certifications.

Does the Channel Partner Bring a Big Reputation?

Consumers find confidence in name recognition, so partnering with someone with established branding can boost your authority.

Let’s say a supplier has been advertising heavily on TV and/or radio. Although a prospect might not stop everything and call the supplier, they will probably recognize their name and logo when you show them their pricing. Suddenly they’ve got more confidence in you for offering something familiar.

Keep in mind that a partner’s reputation shouldn’t be the only factor considered when selecting a new energy channel partner but it can be a deciding factor when weighing two similar partnership opportunities.

Does Their Payment Plan Structure Meet Your Business Requirements?

Many energy supplier channel partner programs offer great rates and a good reputation, but if they don’t offer the payment structures you need to maintain your business, then those benefits won’t do you much good.

Many recently independent energy brokers will require more upfront payment plans while they’re getting established. They just need to keep the cashflow going early on. But not every supplier offers upfront payment plans.

Some suppliers might offer payment plans, but you’ll need to build a reputation first—which might take several months.

So when you’re looking into your next channel partner program, make sure you really understand their payment structures so you know you’re getting a deal that meets your business requirements.

Does Their Support Actually Support You?

When selecting an energy channel partner program, it’s extremely important to understand how their support structure works. Otherwise you might be left out in the cold when you really need some help.

Some questions to ask:

  • Will they help you promptly?
  • Will they give you a designated representative or just an on-call support team?
  • Will they know your territory?
  • Do they understand your client-base?

Some of these questions will make or break the deal while others are personal preference. For example, you might find a more anonymous on-call support team acceptable—even preferential—but you could just as well require a designated rep. That said, prompt support and the ability communicate should be central to any high-quality channel partner program’s support.

Access 75+ Energy Suppliers in a Single Energy Channel Partner Program

Now it’s time for the sales pitch.

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