When searching for the best technology for energy brokers, it’s important to make sure the technology will actually help you streamline your sales operations.

Most standard software struggles to meet the complex requirement of energy brokers. If you buy standard software, you’re often stuck trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

That’s why we’ve broken out the three most important features to look for when shopping for technology.

1. Energy Pricing Aggregation Technology

One of the most time-consuming tasks for many energy brokers is obtaining up-to-date pricing from suppliers.

If you have more than a couple of suppliers, you’re losing valuable selling-time to the task.

That’s why you should look for a technology that will do that for you. You should have instant access to pricing from all your suppliers, so you can spend your time selling the energy, not updating rates.

2. Contract Automation Technology

Manually creating contracts is not only time-consuming, it’s an error-prone task.

You don’t want to come back the same contract and manually revise it every time a prospect questions a phrase or word.

Automation is the key for expediting this process.

There are a few contract generating programs available out there, but most are generic – designed for any industry or business – so you can’t guarantee they’ll meet the requirements of your business or local deregulated energy regulations.

Long story short: make sure the program doesn’t just make contracts—make sure it makes contracts suitable for deregulated energy sales.

3. Tech & Business Support

We all wish software would just do exactly what you want all of the time. But it doesn’t.

Sometimes you’ll want a little guidance or support, so make sure your technology comes with a level of support that ensures you’re not stuck in the software.

Free software often has little or no support. Many other software companies only have generic support that may or may not actually help you solve problems. If they’re not focused on the retail energy market, then you’re probably even worse off.

Getting the Whole Package from Broker Online Exchange

At Broker Online Exchange, we help brokers streamline their sales by offering world-class support and technology for energy brokers.

We do this with a unique blend of resources: access to 75+ top suppliers in all deregulated markets, world-class business support, and proprietary software that expedites the sales process.

Our software gives brokers instant access to pricing from all suppliers so they don’t spend all day manually obtaining rates. Brokers also get instant contract creation for every deal to ensure they get the right contract every time. And they can even close their deals instantly with DocuSign.

Since our team is here to help you make money, you know you’ll always have our full support in the tools.