Energy brokers have difficult, albeit lucrative, jobs. Don’t work harder than you have to. Instead, reward yourself with the EnergyEngine, a state-of-the-art software system that empowers energy brokers by giving them a million instantly transactable commercial prices, updated daily, with a single interface that prepares ready-to-sign contracts across all markets and suppliers. EnergyEngine will help you do your job with more confidence and efficiency.

Here are some of the ways EnergyEngine can benefit you:

1. Business Intelligence & Professionalism
Being an energy broker requires a high level of professionalism. EnergyEngine can enhance your expertise with its sophisticated point-of-sale, contract sourcing, management, and compliance technologies. In addition, with the EnergyEngine dashboard, you can get all the information you need instantly.

2. Communication
By using the EnergyEngine’s built-in communication tools, you can keep your clients informed throughout the contract and quoting process. Easy, swift communication will help cement your bond with clients by demonstrating your commitment to skillful service.

3. Customer Service
EnergyEngine’s software can improve multiple facets of your approach to customer service. Its sales and customer management tools allow for greater transparency, and quicker contract negotiations—both of which are critical customer-service elements for any energy broker’s service.

4. Time
Time is money, and that expression couldn’t be truer for energy brokers. Our software can reduce your contract submission time by 50%, instantly pulling up quotes based on automatically updated pricing models. Another time-saving feature is our contract tracking, which tracks contract status in real time—with automatic validation!

However, the biggest timesaver is the EnergyEngine’s dashboard. With this feature, you can pinpoint information easily, all in a single location. Whether you want to check out your business’ current performance or manage your finances, all the data you need is accessible in this one space.

5. Security
Information security is critical in energy brokering. By using secure, cloud-backed software, you can mitigate risks like computer viruses or hacking. By gaining the ability to set concrete access levels and user identities, you can operate within a secure platform, while giving employees the access they need.

6. Mobility
Having an office is great, but it isn’t such a wonderful thing if you’re trapped in it. Mobility is key to any successful business, especially in terms of meeting clients at their facility or other location. With the EnergyEngine’s cloud-based operation, as well as its device agnosticism, mobility couldn’t be easier. Access EnergyEngine whenever and wherever the need arises.

The benefits of EnergyEngine are truly striking. Despite increasing competition in deregulated markets, EnergyEngine’s competitive advantage creates the edge you need to grow your business.

About BOX and EnergyEngine

Here at BOX, we recognize the lucrative potential of deregulated energy markets, but we also recognize the challenges they present for energy brokers who are looking for productivity and success. EnergyEngine was born to lower these obstacles, and make real progress possible. Be sure to learn more about us, our services, and how we can help you thrive. Also, if you’d like to learn more about EnergyEngine specifically, feel free to chat with one of our experts about what our software can do for your business.