Now more than ever it’s important to make sure your electrical contracting business stands out from the competition. Great customer service and competitive pricing is a start, but it’s rarely enough to break through all the competition. One of the best ways to really differentiate your business is by offering deregulated energy in addition to your electrical services.

By offering energy, you unlock several unique advantages for both your business and your clients. Let’s explore a few of the advantages. But first, let’s make sure we understand what deregulated energy is.

What is Deregulated Energy?

Until a few years ago, companies had no control over their utility bills. Your local utility chose where you’d get your energy from. At the time, a fair price was set by the state, which sometimes worked out well for people, but sometimes didn’t.

Energy deregulation is where some states have allowed consumers to purchase energy from alternative suppliers rather than being forced to buy from a single utility.

For the consumer, this means a more competitive market. For you this means more opportunity.

Advantage 1: Increase Revenue

The clearest advantage of offering deregulated energy to your electrical services clients is clear: commissions.

You gain additional revenue with ease. You can then take this revenue and invest it into your business or pocket it—whatever works for you.

But there’s more you can do with an energy program. You can create new opportunities for your business with existing and prospective clients.

Advantage 2: Gain Better Electrical Services Opportunities

Who doesn’t love to get more money from commissions? But there are so many more opportunities you can take advantage of when selling energy through your electrical contracting business.

Many electrical contractors use energy affiliate programs for closing more deals in their core business. For example if you’re trying to close a big electrical project, but your customer doesn’t have the budget for it, you can unlock additional funds by saving them thousands of dollars on their energy.

Several electricians also use energy savings to get back in touch with old clients and to build better relationships with existing ones. As long as you’re offering truly competitive rates, your clients will greatly appreciate you. Think of it this way: who doesn’t love saving money? And who doesn’t love the person who saves them thousands of dollars over a year or two?

Advantage 3: Create Better Incentives for Your Clients

A really creative way to leverage an energy affiliate program for your electrical contracting business is to create an incentive program.

You can offer reduced prices on your electrical contracting services for clients who buy energy from you. People love deals and the client wins all around—they save money on energy and they save money on your electrical services. For you, this means closing more deals than you might have without your incentive program.

How Do You Find the Best Energy Affiliate Program for your Electrical Contracting Business?

The best energy affiliate program for electrical contracting businesses allows you to sell energy easily while providing you rates so good your clients can’t refuse.

Let’s break down the important things to look for:

  • Easy to Use: You’re busy. You don’t have time to become an energy expert. You just want to sell energy and earn commissions without all the hassle of learning a new industry.
  • Competitive Rates: You should never compromise your existing client relationships with a questionable supplier. Make sure you have the best rates around so you’re always providing a benefit to your clients.
  • Support: Since you’re not an energy expert, you’ll probably have some questions. Don’t be left in the dust with a non-existent support team.

EnerConnect Energy Affiliate Program

Now comes the sales pitch.

At Broker Online Exchange, we connect commercial electrical contractors with the most lucrative and user-friendly energy program available: EnerConnect.

With EnerConnect, you can sell energy in three simple steps:

  • You take a picture of your client’s bill using our easy-to-use app.
  • You’ll receive price comparisons from the nation’s top energy suppliers to review with your client.
  • Once you’ve found the best price, your client signs the contract and you earn commissions.

We’ve already revolutionized the deregulated energy market by offering the largest exchange between professional energy brokers and suppliers.

Now we’re taking our stellar reputation and unparalleled pricing and offering it to commercial electricians through our EnerConnect program.

We’re trusted by hundreds of professional energy brokers to provide the most competitive rates for their clients, so you know you’ll always have the best pricing for yours.

And we have an experienced team to support you throughout the learning and sales process so you’re never left in the dust by subpar support.

In short, we’re here to share our experience, our knowledge and our lucrative energy relationships with companies like yours so you can grow your business with deregulated energy.