See for yourself the difference that comes with a BOX partnership.

Creating and managing contracts for your clients is instrumental to the success of your energy brokerage. If you’re in the business, then you already have a system for dealing with these contracts, but how happy are you creating and managing your contracts on your own? These contracts can end up swallowing a huge amount of your time and energy if you’re not careful, and that’s why we’ve created EnergyEngine—the world’s most sophisticated point of sale, contract sourcing, management, and compliance tool.

Simply put, EnergyEngine gives you more control over your contracts, while simultaneously reducing the amount of time that you spend managing them. It’s a tool for those who see the benefit of handing off a time-consuming task to reliable and innovative software.

  • EnergyEngine makes creating and following through with contracts a breeze. It provides you with instant quotes based on the most up-to-date pricing, and allows you to track the status of contracts in real time and have them automatically validated potentially reducing your contract submission time by up to 50%. Reducing the time and effort that you would normally put into creating a contract gives you the freedom to use your time in the manner that benefits your business the most.

  • Partnering with BOX, you’ll find that EnergyEngine gives you unequaled control over your business, allowing you to manage the sales process and customer relationships like never before. You also have the knowledge that these relationships and data are secure in the cloud..

But EnergyEngine doesn’t just help you draw up and submit contracts, it also gives you access to the most up-to-date pricing in markets you currently operate in, as well as in states that you might not be familiar with or licensed to sell in…we take care of that for you. Spending less time worrying about and dealing with contracts leaves you with more time to build your business and get a leg up on the competition. BOX is a marketplace with proven tools and technology that lead to more efficiency when selling, tracking, following up on, and closing deals – big and small. And when you transact through the exchange, you get the backing, support, and industry know-how of our business managers, who help energy and gas brokers close more deals and make more money across deregulated markets.

With EnergyEngine, you have the option to scale your business to the size you want it to operate at. Looking to expand? Let our business managers guide you and help grow your business. Comfortable where you are? Then the team at BOX can keep your brokerage running smoothly with less hassle, less headache, and less paperwork from contracts.

Imagine cutting in half the time you spend drawing up and managing your contracts, getting the most up-to-date pricing, and knowing you have built in compliancy. If you think your energy brokerage could benefit from the EnergyEngine software, contact Brokerage Online Exchange today and find out what our dedicated team can do for you.