Partnership can be a great thing. Finding the right partner, however, isn’t always such a great process. The right partner will make you better, accentuate your good work, and help out where you need some improvement. Unfortunately, a good partner isn’t as easy to find as you may imagine, especially for your energy broker business. Too often, what may seem like a good opportunity is just another company looking to make a profit off of your business without giving you much in return. And that’s the opposite of what you’re looking for in a good partnership.

So where can you turn to find a good partner? And what should you be getting from that partnership? At BOX, we’ve always felt that we are the best option for any energy broker, whether you’re just looking for some added support, or you want to take your business to a whole new level.

  • If you’re going to partner with someone, there are some specific benefits you should definitely be getting. An energy broker’s business can get hectic with juggling clients, contracts, and fluctuating prices, so you should have a partner that streamlines your administrative details. This is exactly what BOX can do for your energy broker business. With our EnergyEngine platform, you can reduce contract submission time by 50%, saving you time and money. EnergyEngine provides instant quotes based on the most up-to- date pricing. It also enables you to track the status of contracts in real time and have them automatically validated. BOX takes care of the details that used to cost you time and money when you dealt with them by yourself.

  • But streamlining your processes shouldn’t be the only thing that your new partner does for you. Your partner should be able to grow your business and give you new markets and distributors to choose from. With BOX, you get access to our large network of suppliers and markets, so you can expand your business in a way that fits your brokerage best. We can level the playing field and help any size broker navigate the large commercial segment of businesses and customers. Our premier status relationship with suppliers means that we can access lower rates, better products, faster quote turnaround, and dedicated support. That means when you partner with BOX, you’re immediately getting a leg up on your competitors.

  • But what else can a good partner offer? How about a way to expand your business offerings and build a new, profitable revenue stream for your energy broker business? At BOX, we can help you offer energy management consulting services to your clients. You may be getting them the best prices on energy, but now you can help them use their energy in a more sustainable way—lowering their costs and increasing their loyalty to your energy brokerage.

If this sounds like the kind of partnership that your energy brokerage could use, then contact Brokerage Online Exchange today, and find out how EnergyEngine and our dedicated team can help you.