With the widespread proliferation of deregulated energy services, many energy brokers are expanding their breadth by offering lucrative energy management consultant services. Thanks to our high-end broker software, EnergyEngine, expanding into energy consultancy has never been easier.

What is an Energy Management Consultant?

In deregulated energy and gas markets, energy management consultants fill the gap for SMBs that now need to manage their energy and gas costs by monitoring the market and purchasing energy effectively. Since many companies aren’t large enough to have a dedicated Energy Manager, they find a consultant that they can hire to manage this process for them.

By securing a number of clients you can put your knowledge of the market to use over a larger scale—charging a premium for your services. Companies then pay for your services via the savings they get from payroll and from the money they save on energy procurement.

Getting Started

To add energy management consultancy to your existing roster of services, you’ll need to educate yourself first.

While there is no specific post-secondary course for energy management consulting, education on the specifics of energy and energy conservation is a must. That’s why our EnergyEngine software provides energy brokers with the resources and tools they need to teach themselves everything they need to know to get started, and successfully continue, providing energy management services to their clients.

Like many careers, the learning process will never end, as you will want to stay abreast of new developments in the field via journals, newsletters, webinars and courses. To boost credibility you may even want to join a group like the Association of Energy Engineers.


Getting organized and educated on the energy management process is only the first step. Once you’ve ready, you’ll need the software in place to be competitive.

At Broker Online Exchange (BOX), we offer our EnergyEngine to make you competitive in the marketplace.

Our software begins by streamlining the matrix, and continues with business intelligence services like our small business contract process. With the set of tools that we’ve included in our EnergyEngine software, you’ll be able to grow your business through point-of-sale components, contract sourcing, and management and compliance tools.

Our software can help you hit the ground running, and make the process of setting up an energy management consultancy easier and more effective. In addition to setup, it will help offer you the knowledge and processes used by larger-scale energy brokers to expand their current client base.

When you’re getting started in the energy management consultancy business, intelligent infrastructure software like BOX means the difference between booming business and a stagnant business blunder. Click here to learn more about our energy management tools, or here to contact us and get started with your energy management consultancy.