Standing out from the competition is sometimes easier said than done. You’d love to think that your energy brokerage is a clear favorite, no matter what the situation, but there are always going to be times when you lose out on a contract that you thought for sure you’d close. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s not exactly ideal, either.

Standing apart requires a smart marketing strategy, the newest technology, and maybe a little something extra that the competition doesn’t offer. We’ll talk about the technology in a minute, but at BOX we think the answer is to offer your clients energy management services.

You can work hard getting your client the best price on energy possible, but unless they have a strategy for how they use and conserve energy, then that price isn’t going to matter very much. It doesn’t matter how low the price is, if the business is wasting energy when they operate.

When you talk to your clients about adding your energy management services, tell them exactly how they’ll save, and remind them of all the reasons they need an energy management plan. Rising energy bills, tough economic conditions, and environmental pressures mean that every business should have an energy management plan, but most simply don’t know where to start. When you market your services to your client, present your brokerage as the answer to all their questions. You already provide them with the energy they need, why not let you help them manage their usage and reduce their overall costs?

Pitching your energy management services to current clients is a win-win. If they take you up on the offer, you bring in a new revenue stream, while increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction by saving them money.

So what’s the best way to go about doing all this? At BOX, we want to help your brokerage bring something extra to the table. That’s why we’ve created EnergyEngine— the world’s most sophisticated point-of-sale, contract sourcing, management, and compliance tool. With EnergyEngine and our energy management tools, you can feel confident in offering energy management services to your customers.

Our cloud-based platform allows you to control your business like never before, and because you’re putting your business in the cloud, you can take it anywhere you need to go. As long as you have an Internet connection, EnergyEngine is there to help.

EnergyEngine provides quotes, instantly, based on the most up-to-date pricing. It also enables you to track the status of contracts in real time and have them automatically validated. It gives you access to a larger network of suppliers than you do going it alone, and when your customers know they’re getting the best prices on energy, they’re going to be that much more willing to let you manage how they use that energy.

If you’d like to find out more about how EnergyEngine and the professionals at BOX can help your brokerage, then contact us today.