The opportunities for a career as an energy broker have never been better. Deregulation of the energy industry in many states across the country has led to competition between energy suppliers. Businesses and homeowners can now choose where they get their energy from, but it isn’t the easiest process to undertake. Being the middleman between the supplier and the consumer of the energy isn’t always as easy as some may make it out to be.

After years of only having one option for energy, many people can be distrustful of a salesman offering his services. But the fact is, most businesses desperately need an energy management plan, and many of those businesses are woefully unequipped to provide that plan for themselves. Energy brokers are there to take the reins, but your success rate may depend largely on how you present yourself. Marketing your business correctly isn’t always a simple task, so we’ve presented some of the better strategies for attracting customers and earning their trust.

  • Customer service is going to top this list every time. It’s important to follow up with inquiries and complaints in a timely manner because your reputation is going to be based on your clients’ view of your services. Of course, your main focus should be getting them the lowest price on their energy needs, but doing it in a friendly and transparent manner is going to be key for your reputation.

  • That brings us to the next item—transparency. As the middleman in a system like the energy market, you are going to face a good deal of scrutiny about your business practices. Are you really putting your customer first? Where is your cut coming from? If you want to run a successful energy brokerage, you need to market yourself as a transparent and trustworthy business. It doesn’t matter if you already are trustworthy because that means nothing if your leads don’t see it the same way.

  • Lastly, you should be striving to project a high-tech, cutting edge image. You should be impressing upon clients that you have the skills and knowledge to make their lives significantly easier. If your operation looks low-tech, leads are going to start wondering why they can’t do this themselves. It’s much easier to help them understand the benefits of an energy broker if you are marketing yourself as a business on the forefront of innovation.

To successfully run your energy brokerage, you need to excel in each of these areas, and luckily, Online Broker Exchange has the tools and experience to help you do just that. EnergyEngine is our proprietary, state-of-the-art, cloud-based software platform, that allows you to access lower rates, better products, faster quote turnaround, and dedicated support.

With BOX, you’ll have access to a much larger network of suppliers and markets than you do on your own, giving you even more options to get the best prices for your clients. If you would like to hear more about EnergyEngine and how it can help your business, contact Broker Online Exchange today.