Ambit Expands in Pennsylvania

According to Energy Choice Matters, Ambit is seeking to amend their current Pennsylvania electric supplier license so they can service large commercial, industrial and government customers. Currently, Ambit serves residential and small commercial electric customers.

At BOX, we look forward to this offering, and we’re excited to see such a prominent supplier grow in PA.

Ambit’s Japanese Launch

Ambit’s been busy! Paul Ring at Energy Choice Matters also announced that Ambit Energy is officially expanding into Japan.

According to the article, “the 84 million residential and small commercial customers in Japan’s retail electricity market represent a more than $70 billion annual revenue opportunity for Ambit and is the largest single electricity market deregulation in history.”

While this won’t affect energy brokers in North America directly, it’s important to note the growth and success of a major supplier like Ambit! Keep an eye out for them—they’re growing fast!