DALLAS, Texas, April 30, 2015


Deregulated energy is complex. As an industry we have grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, and the outlook for the future in terms of expansion and saturation is good news. Things happen so fast, as individuals many times growth & progress take a back seat; we give it our all just to maintain the status quo.

But as Ronald Regan said: “Status quo, you know, is Latin for ‘the mess we’re in’”

As a Broker, have you ever taken a step back and done a self-evaluation on how you are doing? Have you ever questioned if you are servicing your clients in the best way possible? Are you presenting them the full scope of what’s available in deregulated power and gas markets? Are you providing your customers with market transparency from ALL suppliers and giving them the choice of ALL products? Most importantly, are you maximizing the use of your selling talents and earning as much as you possibly can to live the life you want?

If you are like most Brokers, the answer to this question is a difficult pill to swallow. You know there are suppliers that you don’t represent, or even know about, and products that are frankly, too confusing to sell. You can also acknowledge that operational tasks such as compiling, communicating, submitting, and tracking, get in the way of doing what truly matters. In our deregulated energy industry that is so disjointed and lacking in standardization, just keeping up with what you have is all too overwhelming, let alone growing your business and income level to where it should be.

The “lucky” ones are at least their own boss, and are somewhat in control of their growth potential, but if you are a Broker working for “the man” because you don’t have the resources or connections needed to be independent, then you are certainly limited in your offerings and potential.

Something needs to change, there has to be a better way. Our industry needs a centralized location where Brokers can have access to all available suppliers and products, without having to establish and maintain Supplier relationships one by one… by one. We need to have a place where the full suite of pricing and products is made available and explained to all Brokers, so that when a customer is approached by a Broker, the customer is receiving accurate market representation, and true independence. Does it really make sense for a Broker to have to learn the unique contract attributes, submission processes, and communication methods for over 100 different suppliers, just in order to present a customer with a genuine and authentic offer?

What if Brokers could provide customers with a snapshot of the FULL market from one centralized platform? What if Brokers could automate & navigate pricing, contracting, and commission processes from a single centralized location, instead of learning & navigating over 100 separate processes? Most importantly, how could you grow your business and make more money if you got access to the whole market from a single platform, and got back time from performing all the operational back office tasks, rechanneling it in to what you do best…SELLING?

At Broker Online Exchange (BOX), we did a deep dive in to how our how our industry is doing and wrestled with all the difficult questions Brokers should be asking themselves. With 50 years of combined industry experience, deep pockets, and an even deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges of todays deregulated energy environment, we have the answer.

Check out our video and request a free demo of EnergyEngine at www.brokeronlinexchange.com.