BOX Announces Their March Supplier of the Month – Hudson Energy

BOX is proud to announce our March pick for Supplier of the Month – Hudson Energy! Chosen for their commitment to making sure commercial customers get to choose the electricity and natural gas service they want by providing them with great support and smart technology, Hudson Energy was a clear choice!

Founded in 2002, Hudson is one of the fastest-growing energy solutions providers in North America.

Success comes down to people. Plain and simple. At every level, Hudson is represented by individuals who are passionate about what they do.

Why Choose Hudson Energy

Markets change. Needs change. Hudson leads the way in a fast-moving industry by offering flexible services that grow with you.

What Hudson Believes:

  1. Be honest. Build long-term relationships with customers and partners on a foundation of openness.
  2. Be a leader. Outpace innovation in the energy industry by setting an example others want to follow.
  3. Be responsible. Stand up for the ethical treatment of employees, customers, and the environment.

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