My Service Cloud CRM Integration

Guiding your customers through the Leads, Contracts, and Contract Renewals pipelines is easier than ever with My Service Cloud’s CRM integrations. The CRM features built into our latest pipeline dashboards allow you to stay organized and up to date while your customers make their way through the sales process. 

MSC Dashboard CRM Integrations

At any point in the process in any of the pipelines, you have the option to use the following integrated CRM features:

Create a Task: This allows user to schedule a task with a time, date, how and when they would like to be reminded (ie. 1 day before, 1 hour before)

Send an Email: Enter email subject, open email, log time and date of sent email. This feature also allows user to enter notes in reference to the email

Add a Note: This allows users to make a note about the client, their needs, or anything else relevant to their account

Log a Call: Another great way to track your communications with your customers all in one spot. This tool allows users to log subject, type, time, date, and notes

What is My Service Cloud?

We are so glad you asked! Creating contracts and updating pricing from several suppliers can be a time-consuming and error-stricken process. With BOX’s proprietary software, you’ll get instant access to tools that help streamline and automate essential tasks, allowing you to focus on growing your business!

Our proprietary software takes care of many administrative items such as pricing, contract creation, DocuSign integration for e-signing, commission tracking and automated contract renewal management so you can get the job done faster and easier than ever before.

Let your Account Manager know if you want to opt-in and take advantage of these great features! Not a BOX Broker? Sign up today to take advantage of these great features in the top energy broker platform in the industry!