NEW My Service Cloud Pipeline Dashboards

We’re always making updates and improvements to My Service Cloud, but this feature is one we think you will really love! We are proud to introduce you to THREE new Pipeline Dashboards!

Three NEW MSC Pipeline Dashboards

  • NEW Leads Pipeline: We have built and designed a new Leads Dashboard to track, monitor and organize your leads to have knowledge on where each one are at in the sales process. The goal is to help brokers stay organized while a customer progresses from a lead to a signed contract. 
  • NEW Contracts Pipeline: We are also releasing a new pipeline in MSC titled “Contracts.” The goal of the function is to keep contracts organized and easily move them along the contract journey.
  • NEW Contract Renewals Pipeline Finally, the third new pipeline we are releasing in MSC is titled “Contract Renewals”. The goal of this tool is to monitor and renew all contracts that are expiring within the given timeframe selected.

Want to learn more?! We’ve put together a Pipelines PDF explaining our three new pipeline dashboards in more detail. 

My Service Cloud

Our industry leading software provides energy and natural gas professionals with a holistic back office solution to simplify the sales process including:

  • Instant access to up-to-date prices from all of our suppliers
  • Automation to create accurate, professional contracts
  • Integration to DocuSign to send and accept electronic signature
  • Features to assist with renewal management
  • Commission and agent tracking

Let your Account Manager know if you want to opt-in & take advantage of these great features! Not a BOX Broker? Sign up today to take advantage of these great features in the top energy broker platform in the industry!