Welcome to Lightbulb, Our Monthly BOX Newsletter, Let’s Catch Up!

Lightbulb 💡 , here!  This month has been an absolute rollercoaster of excitement and cheer. We’ve been brewing up a cauldron of fun and celebrations, so let’s dive right into the spooky, witty, and fantastic world of BOX this October!

You won’t believe the uproar we’ve stirred up with our new Wednesday Theme Days. Our team has embraced the challenge, showcasing their creativity, humor, and a dash of wild attire. It’s been a refreshing and lighthearted journey as we near the end of the year. Scroll down to check out some hilarious pictures and meet our winners!

We’re thrilled to introduce two fantastic individuals who have joined our team. With their addition, BOX is on an unstoppable journey of expansion, innovation, and creating ripples in our industry. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

We’ve been on the move, hosting broker visits and attending supplier events. NRG brought some of us to the Dallas Cowboys game earlier this month and we had a great time. We love getting together with our Brokers and our Account Managers have been amping up their visits and getting in some quality face to face time. These interactions have been a testament to our commitment to building lasting partnerships. It’s these connections that keep our engine running!

The BOX team has been hard at work, ensuring you’re never out of the loop. Keep tabs on our social media channels, because we’ve been dishing out a delightful mix of fun and informative content. Don’t miss out on the laughter, inspiration, and updates.

Buckle up because BOX is revving up for an unforgettable November and beyond. Join us on this incredible journey, stay connected, and thanks for being a part of our thriving community!