Building relationships with the big-name suppliers like Engie isn’t as easy as it used to be. A few years ago, all you needed was a small book of business and a little experience to get a channel partner agreement with the national suppliers.

But that usually won’t suffice these days.

National suppliers like Engie have become increasingly difficult to join.

In this post, we’ll dig into why suppliers like Engie have stricter enrollment requirements and then we’ll show you how to start selling Engie instantly.

Why Is It So Hard to Sign Up with Engie?

We’ve explained this before, but a basic rundown is that suppliers don’t want to invest in energy brokers that won’t perform. Every broker requires some investment: training, guidance, support, etc.

In the last decade, the energy brokers have saturated the retail energy market. There are so many brokers out there, that suppliers need to tread cautiously. If suppliers accept them all, they run the risk of losing a ton of investment.

A Channel Partner Agreement that Lets You Sell Engie Instantly

While it makes sense that suppliers won’t accept all brokers, it also puts unestablished brokers at a huge disadvantage. The big nationals often have the best rates, and if you can’t offer the best rates, how do you get established?

That’s where Broker Online Exchange comes in.

We give brokers instant access to big-name suppliers like Engie so they can level the competitive playing field.

How Can BOX Do What Big Suppliers Can’t?

Suppliers have other facets of their business. At BOX, we just help brokers build booming businesses.

We’ve designed our business around this, so we’re equipped to invest in brokers so they can excel in the deregulated energy market.

Not to mention we’re the largest deregulated energy network in North America, so we can leverage our size, success and stellar reputation to get the best deals in town.

Who Can Sign Up with BOX?

Almost everyone! We take both individual brokers and energy brokerage firms.

But we do have an approval process to ensure you’re a good fit.

First we want to make sure you’re a commercial energy broker. We don’t do any residential work.

Then we want to know your experience level. We prefer brokers with some industry experience. If you don’t have some basic understanding of selling retail energy, we recommend attending some classes before joining BOX.

Of course, there will be broader questions to make sure you’re reliable and trustworthy.

What Else Does BOX Offer?

Broker Online Exchange is so much more than just a network to major suppliers. When you work with BOX, you also get:

  • Access to our contract creation software
  • Instant matrix pricing from our propriety cloud software
  • An Account Manager who will help you close deals, complete paperwork and answer questions
  • Access to our licensing across all deregulated markets.

We provide instant benefit to all brokers. A plug-and-play services to get your energy business booming in days, not years.